In early 2001, we predicted and anticipated Land, Gold and black gold to be the three best investments of the decade.

Land in Panama skyrocketed, so did Gold and so did oil. Yet, out of these 3 top performing investment vehicles, only Land has maintained a steady trajectory of appreciation, making it a lucrative, almost fail proof and safe investment.¬†¬†Today, we are still bullish on gold, but mostly strong on LAND. And especially… when it comes to PANAMA.

  • Land for Agricultural Purposes
  • Land for Real Estate Development
  • Land for Resort Development

Land is tangible. It cannot be replicated. Unlike gold and oil, Land does not trade as a commodity or ETF on an exchange market. If correctly selected, land is in most cases a safe investment that you can shape and also add value to. It can double and triple in value in short and medium term. And in some cases, if preparedness and chance meet, land can also quickly ten fold in value. In the long term, it will always multiply in value many times over.