Don’t Wait



Since 1998, Panama started to slowly take off. This take-off was noticed and the trend only continued to agument and accelerate, rapidly increasing at the start of 2005.

It all started in the late nineties expanding Panama’s maritime, commerce, hotel, tourism and transportation infrastructure. Cargo Ports, an InterContinental Railway connecting the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea, new projects for International Airports, the arrival of 5 star hotel brands, some of them anchoring shopping centers, the materialization of a Home Port to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and other lines, the completion of new highways, the merger and acquisition of local Copa Airlines with Continental Airlines, the addition of more and more direct international flights to and from Panama.

14 years later Panama has become a magnet for international direct foreign investment, especially in the real estate investment field. It only takes a quick glimpse at the Panama Skyline and you know something definitely changed and something is obviously happening here. Back in 2007 there might have been a lot of speculation about a real estate bust or a real estate bubble in Panama.

But Panama has kept going strong, with the arrival of thousands of international real estate investors who see multiple advantages and opportunities of living here. Panama is Welcoming not only, in most part, North Americans and Europeans but also Latin Americans relocating to Panama part time or full time for business and for lifestyle.